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Fluency's Advanced Materials Events take place throughout the year and offer a number of sectors the opportunity to learn, network and share. Click on the icons below to visit and learn more about each event:

FPCC 2022- Fibre Polymer Composites for Construction

7 - 8 September 2022

University of Bradford, UK

The Composites UK Construction sector Group and Fluency invite you to FPCC (Fibre Polymer Composites in Construction), a 2-day peer reviewed international academic conference which is focused on the development and application of fibre polymer composite materials across the construction and infrastructure sectors.


International Composites Summit

21 - 22 September 2022

ILEC Conference Centre, London, UK


Composites UK and Fluency bring you the International Composites Summit, which will focus on the worldwide supply chain for composites across the globe. ​

Aimed at companies within the composites sector, ICS will bring companies together concentrating on worldwide opportunities for sales and growth.

Open forums will showcase speakers who are invited to share success stories and to discuss the ever-expanding market and its supply chain.

ICS - 2.png

MotorsportAM - Advanced Materials for Motorsport

4 - 5 October 2022

British Motor Museum, Gaydon, UK

Accelerating innovation beyond the track. The Motorsport industry has always been committed to lightweighting solutions alongside ever-changing rules and regulations, and forward-thinking teams strive to gain a competitive edge. MotorsportAM will unite this fast-paced industry with the wonderful world of advanced materials.  

MotorsportAM-logo-A (2).png

ConstructionAM - Advanced Materials for Construction 

1-2 February 2023

Park Centraal Hotel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


As one of the largest sectors in the world, the construction industry continues to develop, looking for materials to enable innovative designs for projects or to offer novel solutions to challenge industry specifications and standards. Advanced Materials for Construction 2022 explores the latest innovations.

ConstructionAM-logo-A (1).png

MedicalAM - Advanced Materials for Medical Devices

March 2023

Cambridge, UK


MedicalAM 2023 will give participants the opportunity to learn about the latest innovations, advancements and projects all taking advantage of advanced materials within the Medical and Healthcare sectors. 

medical AM logo A.png
marine AM logo A (1).png

MarineAM - Advanced Materials for Marine

June 2023

Southampton Football Club, UK

Advanced Materials have been used across the marine sector for decades. MarineAM will give participants the opportunity to learn about the latest innovations, advancements and projects all taking advantage of advanced materials within the Marine sector. Bringing together designers, material suppliers, innovators and investors, MarineAM will look at the latest and greatest in the world of marine craft and vessels, marine technology and engineering.

SpaceAM Advanced Materials and Technology for the Space Sector

July 2023

Harwell Campus, UK

We are living in a world that is critically dependent on space technology and with that comes the need for advanced materials to deliver the best possible opportunities and outcomes for the space industry. SpaceAM will give you the chance to discover and join the growing global community that is working together to develop and launch innovation in orbit and beyond.

SpaceAM-logo-A (2).png

SportAM - Advanced Materials for Sport 

September 2023

Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

It’s no surprise that the sports and recreation sectors embrace the use of Advanced Materials. SportAM will examine the latest advances in design, materials, manufacturing technology and testing in sports applications.

sport AM logo A.png
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