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Another Show Over, What Have We Learnt?

As we arrive home following another successful JEC, it’s important to reflect on the week in Paris. A year after setting up my marketing consultancy, JEC provided me with a very different experience. Clients across the floor, both exhibiting, presenting and walking, and of course my own responsibility to grow my business and learn from my peers.

What can I say:

~ It was a busy show with so much to see.

~ Despite covering over 35,000 steps a day (!) I missed so much. The exhibits are phenomenal and the use of technology impresses me every year. It’s clear that automation remains a focus and it is no surprise with the push for high volume manufacturing. I’d love to hear how you are using automation in your business.

~ I missed people too. When I think back to my first composites show, SAMPE in Long Beach, within my first week at NetComposites all those years ago, so many people took the time to tell me about the industry. I think I had somewhere near 50 meetings that week, and made contacts and good friends that remain in touch today. People help you grow, learn, progress. Give people your time and they will find time when you need it. Your network is important, hold it dear.

~ Don’t miss an after party (Daniel, I am sorry, it looked a blast!) To those that did host me, thanks for the drinks, opportunity to meet new people, and opportunity to take some time out in an otherwise very busy week. Thanks to Rob and Colin for the introduction to a side of Paris I have never seen before – it’s good to explore the world and to see new places.

What did I learn:

~ Plan. It’s all in the preparation. It’s how you make the most of what’s to come. It’s how you ensure you don’t miss anything or anyone. And plan for free time too. For the surprises. For learning.

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this week happen. Thanks to the organisers, exhibitors and attendees. See you in Charlotte for SAMPE!

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